CPI’s reputation for consistently high quality is no accident. Our quality far surpasses typical after-market parts:

  • Impeccable Quality Record
  • CPI’s Quality Assurance Approach
  • Quality Philosophy
  • Quality System Enhancements

We bring quality parts to market quickly, while ensuring that the form, fit, and function meet our gas turbine customers’ needs and expectations. CPI has delivered over 3,400 transition pieces and liners with zero quality/fit-up issues or warranty claims.

Impeccable Quality Record
  • Consistent exceptional quality comes from well designed tooling, experienced oversight, and diligent inspection processes.
  • CPI’s inspection specifications and procedures meet or exceed the OEM’s standards and are backed up by third party inspections on every part we sell.
Impeccable Quality Record
CPI’s Quality Assurance Approach
CPI tightly controls quality throughout the sourcing, production, and inspection processes.

  • Verification of raw material and detail parts
  • Verification and adherence to process control documents and drawing requirements
  • In process quality control prior to coating
  • 3rd party over inspection before and after coating
  • Coating application to detailed specification
  • Quality documentation provided to customer
Quality Assurance Approach
Quality Philosophy
CPI cannot afford a single quality escape

  • Take the OEM processes and make them more stringent
  • Define and monitor TP and liner assembly quality procedures- NDT methods- Dimensional verifications- Gauge checks

    – Material tracking

    – Inventory control

  • Conduct third party inspections on every part we produce- Send parts to repair shops for third party inspection- Define key characteristics to be inspected- Incorporate their best practices into our inspection procedures
Quality Assurance Philosophy

The Results

1. CPI has delivered over 3,800 assemblies with zero fit-up issues or warranty claims.

2. In 2011, CPI was qualified by Saudi Electric Company, one of the most stringent gas turbine operators in regards to quality, to make Frame 6 and 7 TP’s and Liners.

Quality System Enhancements
  • Product identification: New dot peener can identify parts deeper, so that serial number traceability is not lost during grit blasting at repair.
  • Product Control and Traceability: CPI implemented a new accounting and MRP system in 2012 to improve inventory tracking and traceability.
  • Process Control: CPI tracks detailed time and cost data to be able to conduct process capability and capacity studies for future improvement.
Quality System Enhancements

Lay foundation for ISO certification.